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Random Thoughts – Tomorrow

Tomorrow is hope, an expectation for many! Tomorrow is an anticipation of a better day. Tomorrow makes your today end with a hope. If you are waiting for something, rather, someone, tomorrow makes your wait one day less. But sometimes,

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Seeking Acceptance – What do you gain?

Self-acceptance is understanding who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and coming to terms with it first. Once you master yourself, you will no more seek acceptance from others even though you will find that a lot more people tend to like you! 

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Perseverance is only one of the ingredients to success!

What makes a person successful?
Perseverance alone cannot! You need to be receptive to change, from within and around.

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Let Go & Help yourself!

Let things happen. Let life unfold on its own. That’s the beauty. But we like drama, right? So we cling on to the past. Keep reminding ourselves that we must never forget. But we forget what’s happening now.

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7 definite ways to Untangle your mind

Whatever you do, make sure that you take some step to unplug and unwind yourself every day. It not only helps your mental health but also helps to stay away from allergies and infections.

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Help yourself from Despair

We all go through that phase, where we are so desperate! It could be personal or professional.  A mom of twins with no help and a busy husband may feel it when she’s completely exhausted and the kids are all

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What you seek is what you get!

What you get is what you seek!!! 😀 Think positive, think good and it will come to you.. sooner or later..

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