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Seeking Acceptance – What do you gain?

Self-acceptance is understanding who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and coming to terms with it first. Once you master yourself, you will no more seek acceptance from others even though you will find that a lot more people tend to like you! 

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When you fall in love! (And they don’t even know!)

There’s a strange kick in one-sided love!

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Nostalgia – When the waves struck!

After a long time, probably after a whole year, visiting the Cherai beach was an exciting experience. During my childhood, I can’t imagine one year without visiting the beach with my cousins or other relatives. My father would proudly call it

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Vishu – New Year

Vishu is the beginning of a new year for the people of Kerala. It’s the beginning of another harvest season.  Opening your eyes to see the golden yellow flowers called Kanikkonna, along with seasonal fruits, kani-vellari, money, gold, silver and

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In Pursuit of Success

We run the rat-race, in pursuit of success What defines it, though, changes from person to person. Yet we follow someone else’s path  To his own success, without giving it a thought! What is success? I often wonder! I find

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