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As My Fingers Caress

My fingers caress them all the time It has become an unbreakable bond I have always loved them since day one They are my best friends in joy and sorrow They come in colors; sometimes white, sometimes black Doesn’t matter

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Using LinkedIn for Job Hunting!

Ever wondered how to use LinkedIn to find a good job? Here’s how you can!

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Adding Value to Future

Career Restart, have you even thought about it? Don’t miss the trend! JobsForHer has already made it fashionable.

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Recommendations – Boon or Bane?!!

Why would people need recommendations? Leads, yes! But why recommend? 

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If you are looking for a job, forget these words!

I think anything will work for me, maybe! But it won’t! Anything, I think and Maybe may not be good choices of words to use.

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Work From Home – Are you ready for it?

Image Courtesy: The Background I have been trying to get some work that I could do from home since 2007. The idea was to keep myself engaged while I could take care of my son at home. A 9 to

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Let Go & Help yourself!

Let things happen. Let life unfold on its own. That’s the beauty. But we like drama, right? So we cling on to the past. Keep reminding ourselves that we must never forget. But we forget what’s happening now.

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