Say Goodbye With A Smile

I will go leaving behind
Memories that make you smile
Please don’t cry, please don’t worry
For we shall meet someday again!

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Back to your Roots – A visit to Roots Organic Farm, Panvel

Roots’ Farm, I fell in love with you at the first sight! Will long to see you again, very soon!!!

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Anchor the Memories Deep Within

As my mind overflows with the memories of the 3 days spent with family, meeting cousins after a long time, i await for the next time we will meet again!

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Regretful? How not to be!

Life is a sum total of what you are and the decisions you make. Take decisions and own them to stay happy. Learn from your experiences but never brood. Stay happy…

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Seeking Acceptance – What do you gain?

Self-acceptance is understanding who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and coming to terms with it first. Once you master yourself, you will no more seek acceptance from others even though you will find that a lot more people tend to like you! 

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Perseverance is only one of the ingredients to success!

What makes a person successful?
Perseverance alone cannot! You need to be receptive to change, from within and around.

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As My Fingers Caress

My fingers caress them all the time It has become an unbreakable bond I have always loved them since day one They are my best friends in joy and sorrow They come in colors; sometimes white, sometimes black Doesn’t matter

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