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Random Thoughts – Deep Inside

Certain emotions are deep-rooted! They won’t change! Rather, you are so adamant that you won’t let them change even when you know it’s long time to change. You act, smart, professional and modern. But deep within, you cling on to

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Random Thoughts – Tomorrow

Tomorrow is hope, an expectation for many! Tomorrow is an anticipation of a better day. Tomorrow makes your today end with a hope. If you are waiting for something, rather, someone, tomorrow makes your wait one day less. But sometimes,

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The Woman that I Am!

Being born a woman has been my biggest advantage. I know not everyone feels so! Here’s to womanhood! Here’s to being a woman!

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I tell myself

There are times when we need to motivate ourselves! Times when no one believes us, we have to believe in ourselves!

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Aadi – Malayalam Movie (Review)

Aadi is the latest Malayalam movie from Jeethu Joseph-Antony Perumbavoor team. It launches Pranav Mohanlal as a hero.

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Say Goodbye With A Smile

I will go leaving behind
Memories that make you smile
Please don’t cry, please don’t worry
For we shall meet someday again!

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Back to your Roots – A visit to Roots Organic Farm, Panvel

Roots’ Farm, I fell in love with you at the first sight! Will long to see you again, very soon!!!

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