Regretful? How not to be!

I happily proclaim that I am successful. But to the onlookers, and even for those beside me I may look like a fool! Laughing at my own mistakes, pointing it out even when the others have never noticed! Happy at doing whatever I have been doing and will keep doing; happy with all the decisions I have made, though some may seem absurd to others! But I still happily say that I am happy and content – know why?

woman-girl-freedom-happy-39853.jpegI am content because I manage to hug my life wholeheartedly and move forward without complaining! Because I don’t let the light of hope burn out, I fuel it with more hope and positivity. Because I believe I get whatever I ought to get, without fail – not a penny less; not a penny more! I am content because I take my own decisions and don’t let myself down, even when it goes wrong. I know clearly under what circumstances I took them and unless fully justified I don’t act. I am willing to put maximum effort and I do that wholeheartedly until I am convinced that I need to let go.

I have been tried many times by people and circumstances, some because of the decisions I made. But then, I still manage to stand tall, because I know clearly what convinced me to take those decisions. When choices are to be made, I make them and never regret. Though some goes wrong, I know that I was fully convinced when I took the decision and hence look forward to what can be done next.

Live in the Present

I believe there’s no point simply worrying over the past that’s already gone or the future that’s yet to come. Yes, we can learn from the past and prepare for the future; but worrying about either is a waste of time. At least, that’s what has kept me going on! Not that I don’t feel bad or anxious, come on, am a human too! But I let go;I never let them take over me beyond a point. That helps a lot!

Some call it fate, some deny anything of that sort! Whether you believe in fate or not, it remains a fact that you cannot go back and correct your past or plan ahead and ensure your future. You can only live your present. Isn’t it beautiful? Today is your Present, a gift! Live it to the fullest!

traffic-sign-108779_960_720But yes, I am a cautious person and yet I consider myself an optimist. I always hope for the best and expect the worst to happen in future. The positivity of Hope keeps me going on and negative expectation keeps me cautious and prepared for anything that may go wrong. That way, am not too worried about the future, instead I try to come up with a Plan B, just to be sure. Anyway, I trust that what should happen only happens and there must be some reason it happened. So I just accept what happens and move ahead in life. It helps a lot not to keep that baggage of past and future.

Take your Own Decisions

I just can’t get it when people hesitate to take decisions and would prefer someone else to take it for them! End of the day, they can blame the other for the decision and play victim. Try taking your own decisions. Don’t take hasty decisions, it may go wrong for all good reasons. But think of the possible pros and cons of the decision you take and once you are fully convinced that you can handle it, either way, go ahead and decide what you are comfortable with. This way, it becomes easier to accept life, even if it goes wrong. Moreover, you will be in a better position to take a corrective decision if things go wrong too. Afterall, how far and how long can you depend upon others to decide for you? What’s right for you may be wrong for someone else. So how can you depend upon another person to take your decision? Own your decisions and be responsible for them.

Say No If you are not convinced!

wp-1488394035598.jpgI have heard so many people say I was forced into taking a decision. Come one, we always have an option to say NO and if you decide to keep quiet when you should say NO, you will regret it at some point! Grow up and learn to own your weaknesses. Learn and practice saying NO when you are not convinced of something. Help yourself by NOT nodding to some decision and regretting it later. You can at least say you are not fully convinced and either take time to think over it before giving in.

Keep secrets to self!

May sound a little crazy. But think of it, when whatever happens in your life is the result of your decisions, right or wrong, you will already have an idea why it happened. Why not come to terms with it? Though people say that sharing your sorrows lessen them and sharing the happiness doubles them, I am not fully convinced of the lessening part! Maybe, I’m wrong, but I prefer keeping things to myself. Why tell someone and share my sorrow, they might already have their own share of sorrows to deal with! Instead, if you want to vent out, you can write them down or talk to yourself within closed doors. If you believe in God, confide in God, have a one to one talk in your prayer room. That way, you will feel relieved and won’t end up hurting someone else too. I have written down so many notes when hurt and deleted or torn them later when I am chilled! It seriously helps.

Know yourself, inside out

The best way to deal with life is to know yourself inside out. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on them and make yourself better. Once you know what you are capable of, you will have a better grip on life.

Stop Complaining!


What do you get when you complain about someone? You just add on the negative feelings and nothing good happens. Grow up and stop complaining. If you don’t like someone, or being in some situations, avoid them/it. If you really cannot, accept it! You won’t gain anything by complaining.

Keep Smiling

pexels-photo-207983Try to find happiness in small things of life. Keep smiling, no matter how low you feel. The smile helps you feel better over time. As they say, time is the best healer, only if you allow it to help you. Help yourself overcome despair and you will always find yourself smiling even when life throws its tantrums.


These are the simple rules I follow to live a contented life. I am no Guru. I do have aspirations, but I never hurry myself into them. I too get emotional, but I never brood over them, not beyond a limit! I too get hurt, but I recoup convincing myself of my capabilities. I am confident, but am also fully aware of my weaknesses and drawbacks. That’s why I suggest you to try these out. It might help you live a better, happier, content 2018.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Hopeful 2018, well in advance! 


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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8 comments on “Regretful? How not to be!
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  2. Sweta says:

    Nice one..came across this at right time..Thanks 🙂


  3. navyz says:

    Beautiful message! So well written..


  4. sudheshnag says:

    Wow..Geetha… Nicely penned your thoughts and you just shown how to live happy without any regrets..


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