The Princess who Ran away!


The Princess was Sad!

Not long ago, there lived a chubby princess. But she never realized she was a princess! So strict were her parents that they never wanted her to get used to luxury. She felt bad and sad when her normal friends were enjoying life far better than her. She felt angry when she had to fight for anything she ever wanted! She felt lonely when her friends kept a distance because she was a princess. She felt strange when people exclaimed she had an air of attitude. She just couldn’t comprehend anything happening around her. People say she’s a princess and there she is struggling without any luxury of having good friends!

One day she made up her mind to leave the house for good and explore how the normal people lived. She planned and planned to quietly pack her essentials and kept some pocket money. She realized that she did have a good amount of pocket money that she was not allowed to spend on many things! “Good it came handy”, she thought! 

There was no one whom she could trust to help her out with the planning. So naive she was, she asked some help from her mom’s best aide who took care of her. Shyama was her name and just how she looked too – slightly dark complexioned with a naughtiness in her eyes. She was young too, just 18 now, but was mature enough to look after the Princess. Shyama was shocked first and burst out into a laughter. Here we are wondering whether we will get a day’s chance to live the Princess’ life and there she is wanting to explore how we lived. But she loved the princess dearly and promised her all the help she could do.

Shyama wanted to inform the Queen, the Princess’ mother, right away. But she bumped into the Queen’s mother in law, the Rajmatha who extracted the story out of her tactfully. She knew that the King and the Queen were a little too strict with their only daughter. In fact, she used to pamper the Princess whenever she got a chance to and they shared a beautiful relation.

The Rajmatha instructed Shyama not to inform the Queen and instead to go ahead with the Princess’ plan. Shyama was to keep the Rajmatha informed of her whereabouts and plans from time to time. Shyama was a little scared of the Rajmatha and promptly nodded to whatever she was ordered to do.

Now they both made a plan and the Rajmatha made some secret arrangements to ensure the safety of her dear granddaughter. Soon, Shyama and the Princess eloped and went to live in a small hut in the middle of a jungle. The Princess loved the fresh air and freedom to roam around freely in the green jungle. But as it got dark, she wondered how safe it was for them to stay there. Though the Rajmatha had made arrangements to make sure that they both stay safe, the Princess was totally unaware of it.

When it became night, she felt a little scared. There was a little light and she could hear the wild animals roaring in the jungle. She realized that she was quite safe inside the beautiful mansion where they lived. But she did not regret coming out of that life. She loved the freedom much better than the comfort of her mansion. She got really scared when an elephant trumpeted far away. She suddenly missed her mother. Tears started rolling down her pink and chubby cheeks. But she told herself that she was brave and loved the freedom and would return in a while after exploring and enjoying the life outside.

Shyama felt sad for the Princess. She knew the ruckus it would have created and the threat she will have to face. She knew that the Queen might think that she kidnapped the Princess and wouldn’t hesitate to order to kill her. But the Rajmatha had promised her safety if she made sure that the Princess returned soon on her own.


The King and the Queen were worried

At the Mansion, the Queen and the King got completely worried and angry. They thought that Shyama had kidnapped the Princess. They sent their best soldiers away to find the Princess and Shyama. The King was busy sending away the soldiers and messages to the local rulers nearby while the Queen was worried. The Queen felt bad that she had to be so strict to her little daughter. Had she taught her some self-defense and tactics, Shyama would not have succeeded in kidnapping her. Had she given the Princess a little more freedom to play with the other children, she would have been happier and more tactful interacting with people. She knew how vulnerable the Princess was! She still couldn’t believe that Shyama could have kidnapped her daughter. Shyama was mischievous but not wicked. She still couldn’t comprehend why Shyama would risk her life and kidnap the sweet little girl that the Princess was!

In a couple of days, Shyama and the Princess roamed around the forest and enjoyed the freedom they experienced for the first time in their lives. They came across birds and butterflies of all colors.


Birds and Flowers of all colors!

They enjoyed the mild fragrance of the wild flowers and the crystal clear and sweet river water. But as they explored the deeper areas, the Princess realized that Shyama was quite ok with things as she was used to these hardships while she found it very difficult. The mud, the dirt, the wetness, the insects, they all excited her initially, but she could not enjoy them after the initial excitement. She realized that she’s missing the comfort of her mansion. By the time they managed to get back to the hut, it would get very dark and that scared the Princess quite badly.


In a few days’ time, the Princes started thinking of returning to the mansion, back to be with her loving parents and Rajmatha. She realized one by one that the restrictions had helped her not to become arrogant and understand the value of everything she received. The mansion that made her feel lonely also made her comfortable and safe.

Back in the mansion, everyone was worried. Just when the King decided to venture out himself checking through the forest, the Rajmatha interfered and told them both what had happened. Both the King and the Queen felt bad at having been so strict at the Princess that she became so frustrated! The Rajmatha advised them that a little bit of leniency won’t spoil their child as they feared. She also assured that the Princess and Shyama were safe and under her loyal soldiers’ observation. By then

By then the Rajmatha realized that the Princess was also repenting her decision to move out of the comforts of her mansion and away from her loving parents. Shyama had successfully persuaded her to return to the mansion. Shyama promised the Princess that she would not be scolded by anyone and that she would take all the blame for herself. The Princess felt happy to have a true friend in Shyama. She embraced her and apologized that she failed to see the true friend in Shyama.

The Princess and Shyama soon were on their way back home from the jungle. But as fate had it, it started raining heavily and the river got flooded while they were returning. Shyama and the Princess got scared so badly that they climbed a tree nearby and started sobbing loudly. But Rajmatha’s soldiers who were following them secretly soon rescued them from the jungle.

Both Shyama and the Princess were a little scared as they reached back the mansion. But deep within the Princess was happy about experiencing the freedom and nature so beautifully, though for a short span. She was also happy that she was coming back home and meeting her parents after so long. She wanted to hug her parents and the Rajmatha tightly for providing her so many comforts. She wanted to apologize to them for being rude and running away like a coward.


The King and the Queen welcomed the Princess back

The King and the Queen were very happy to see their precious Princess back home again. Though she seemed shaken by the happenings, she was also very happy to come back home. She was surprised and happy to see her friends whom the King and the Queen had invited. They were surprised to find that the Princess was never arrogant and wanted to be one among them! Shyama felt relieved that she managed to bring the Princess back home safe and sound. Though the Queen was not very happy with Shyama, she agreed to forgive her because she took good care of the Princess while away in the jungle.


In a few days, the Princess shared her happy and sad experiences after leaving the mansion to the Rajmatha and her parents. The King was happy that her fragile daughter was quite brave and promised to train her in self-defense.


She learned self-defense

The Princess thanked and apologized to all three of them for mistaking their discipline to rudeness. The Queen felt proud that her little girl managed to learn so much from a few days’ journey alone and away from her parents. She felt happy that things finally turned out good. The Princess felt relieved, happy and proud to be whatever she was and thanked her parents for having been strict with her. She promised them that she would never run away from life again and would boldly speak her mind out whenever she felt the need.


The Rajmatha was quite happy too, to realize that her little Princess turned out to be just how she was during her childhood! She was proud of the entire family and together they promised to express their love and emotions without holding them back or hiding them. After all, it’s a small and beautiful life and all you need to spread is love and kindness.

The Princess grew up to be a bold and beautiful lady who later took over the Kingdom from the King. She was just and virtuous and made the parents and the entire Kingdom proud with her just and bold rule. As for Shyama, she remained her best friend and guide all through her life. They shared a unique friendship, far beyond the royal relation.


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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