Why Blogging is a Great Way to Get Back to Work?

If words are your best friends, you must befriend writing too!

I always tell my acquaintances to try blogging if they can write 10 sentences in English without mistakes! I am glad that many took it seriously and tried it too. I am particularly happy for those who took it up professionally to turn into a writer when they had no clue how to get back to work after a career break!

Here’s why I recommend blogging as a platform to get back to work:

Explore and Express yourself

Writing is a great way to explore your mind and express yourself through words. Find them online if you cannot find them from within. Google is always there for help :-D! To be frank, I cannot claim a great vocabulary because I started speaking in English only at the age of 22! Though I learned English, my small-town school had very few teachers who could speak fluently in English, leave alone teach in it. So for those who read a lot and can speak fluently in English, I would definitely recommend trying to write often. Practice helps improve and writing more often and reading others’ blogs frequently will definitely help you write better.

Writing helps to network

When you start writing, you share your work and this will be shared further by your contacts when they find it interesting. This helps expand your network and connections. When you are looking for a second or third chance getting back to work, networking is a crucial aspect that can help you reach the right people.

Writing also helps to vent out frustrations

Though I would not recommend using your blogs as a medium to vent out your frustrations, writing more often definitely helps soothe a troubled mind. I personally feel that the more I write positively about life, the more I feel positively too. I keep telling my writer friends to write more positively to inspire others to live. But sometimes, we have to vent out our frustrations too and when you write it down, it definitely helps to relax. You may not publish it when you are frustrated. Keep it aside until you calm down and then later when you are relaxed, review what you have written and publish it after making necessary corrections. I do this often and find that I tend to add positive elements to all those frustrations which makeĀ it more pleasant to read! It definitely helps to feel better.

You may find a better career in writing

Just as it happened with me, you may also find an amazing career in writing and decide to stick with it! I have loved IT, especially database design and coding and have worked really hard to land a job in that field. I have rarely missed a day in office because it helped me relax (yes I used to find solace in my office!!!). But after my son was born, I didn’t want to leave him and the only kind of work-from-home job I could get was in writing. Though I was not very sure how I would do, I found it really interesting and decided to pursue it full-time later. I am a full-time freelance writer now and am happy to be able to manage my work-life balance at home. I do take up technical writing jobs once in a while to quench my desire to get back into coding.

So give it a try. Who knows, you may also find it much interesting than what you had been doing so far! Don’t worry, there are full-time and part-time opportunities in content writing and you can specialize on niche styles of writing. There are tools and help available online that will help you excel.

Connect to like-minded people

Writing helped me connect to many people whom I had never known before. I started my own blog after 3 years of getting into freelance writing because I realized that I could use it to connect with many more like-minded people whom I didn’t even know personally. It helps me help out many who are frustrated with their job-search wondering what to do next. Some ventured into writing considering my suggestion and it helped them reach their career goals in one way or the other. If nothing else, the appreciations you will get for your attempt to write will boost your confidence significantly. That helps a lot to do away with nervousness, despair, and negativity in life. Ultimately, you will become more positive and confident that if not anything, you can always choose to be a writer! Believe me, it helps a lot!

You will start reading more

As for me, I don’t get much time to read books these days though I read a lot online to refer. When you take up writing as a profession, you are required to refer a lot to make your writings more authentic. As such, I love browsing through the articles and features that are published online. Now, I have a valid reason to spend more time reading them, as references. Reading more helps improve our perceptions on life and to improve ourselves in many ways. Who knows, you may come across articles that help you reach your career goal faster!

You will develop better communication skills

Communication skills are required in every field. It is a must even in our personal lives. Writing helps improve your vocabulary and communication skills. You can use it anytime in your personal and professional life. You will ultimately learn how to write an impressive covering letter that can help you land your dream job! You will be able to communicate more efficiently with your boss and subordinates at work which creates a good impression and gets your work done.

It helps fill your career gap!

If you ask anyone who has taken a career gap, no matter for what, they will always find that GAP as the biggest obstacle in getting back to working full-time! When you start blogging, you can always showcase it as a new skill you learned during your career break which will be convincing and worthwhile.

If you ask me, writing is a must-know skill for everyone, personally and professionally. Blogging helps improve your writing and communication skills if you take it up willingly and seriously. I can vouch for it from my personal experience and that’s why I recommend it to people whom I meet online and offline. If you are still trying to figure out what to do in life, why not try writing? It’s a choice you can make anytime. Give it a try, check the response you receive from your friends and connections. You can always quit it if you feel you are not up to it.


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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