When you fall in love! (And they don’t even know!)

Falling in love.. strange isn’t it? Love is the most amazing emotion in the world and yet we say falling in love! Hmm it is as strange a feeling. You fight a lot against it, you refuse to admit it, but it finally wins over, whether the other person admits it or not! And then, you fight to win over your love 😊

This strangeness is what love is all about. Though the emotions seem strange, the ones in love are definitely not strangers! Here’s a love story:

Disclaimer: Love stories may seem similar. Well, mom stories too seem similar 😁. But every pair (hopefully so) of lovers find their love unique just as the mom would find her baby unique. So even I feel this is a different love story to tell!

Falling in love was not so simple! After an year of constant fighting with her own mind, it finally struck her hard that indeed she was in love! Strange it was – till recently she never believed in love; never thought of herself as a lovable character; never gave herself away as a ready-to-fall-in-love teenager; never wanted to disappoint her parents! And yet, she didn’t have a choice but to come to terms to the fact that she was already very much head over heels in love with him😍😍😍

And now began a bigger struggle, not to reveal her love, not to let him know she had a huge soft corner, not to let anyone realise her vulnerable side! It broker her heart into a thousand pieces when he asked her help to propose to her friend! At least, she thought let it die away with me! Let that fire die on its own deep inside! Not that she was afraid of telling him. But she didn’t want to feel bad getting in his way of his newfound love. She found it stranger to fathom that everyday though! Was it love? That’s when she realised this was indeed love to the core!!! 

She was done with everything – enough of bothering about everything else! She knew that was it. But all that seemed so one-sided!!! That’s when she decided to let it go. Let go all apprehensions, let go the fear and live it up. She decided to enjoy being in love, though one-sided! She was fine with him not reciprocating. Little did he know! It still broke her heart to see him talk to her. She didn’t let her smile fade away as it would definitely give away her emotions. 

They were the best of friends since day one in college. He was probably her very first boy-friend! They shared an amazing friendship which she didn’t want to lose. She even refrained from talking to her best friend who was away with her studies lest she knew she would be caught off guard! She knew she was in love and had decided to enjoy being in love whether or not he reciprocated. There’s a strange kick in it.

But love cannot be hidden. She could see the evident changes as classes reopened after the holidays. Her heart filled with happiness though her consience felt bad that her best friend’s love seemed long lost! She even asked him once, trying not to be apparent 😊. But his smile gave it away that he knew what was going on.

Now the struggle became even more worse!!! Now she was scared, of having to listen it from him, of having to go through a harder struggle, of having to completely surrender! She knew, the moment he would say it, (it was just a matter of when as she could feel it too) she would break apart – partly with happiness of her first ever love and partly because of the pressure it would put on her thinking of her family. She knew it would be heart-wrenching and that’s why she was happy with her one-sided love. At least it would only burn her, not anyone else, not him in particular!

That was her love! A one-sided love, which soon flourished into a relationship, marriage and family. Let me tell you a secret, she would have been happy even if it just remained a one-sided love. A strange pain that remained sweet; a longing that never realised! 

There’s a strange kick in one-sided love! 


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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4 comments on “When you fall in love! (And they don’t even know!)
  1. Priya says:

    I got glued till the end. loved it 🙂


  2. Dr Ramya says:

    Its really amazing geetha…u done a wonderful job…the picturisation of feelings are really touching…true to d hard core…great


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