No matter what you do, You have to do this!

Stress, no time, chaotic life, work, tension!!! That’s probably what we are all familiar with on a daily basis. It’s a highly competitive world and everyone is running out of time finishing their to-do list before time runs out. Sometimes I feel people are like the bunny in Alice in Wonderland! No time at all, always running!!! And we found it funny right? Well, when we behave similarly that’s how others also feel! 
I can share one amazing secret I found a couple of years back that helped me hold back myself and get same. I am a teacher freak, especially the internet and mobile. You will mostly find me immersed​ in Mobile screen or my desktop screen 90% of the time. I enjoy it the most and I work online. Being a freelance writer I spend a lot of time reading and writing various contents on the internet. So you actually cannot blame me as I am probably on the job most of the time online. But it’s not that I spend all the time online seriously looking for information.

I binge read all sort of contents that come online, especially on fb 😂. I may not read them all in-depth though! It’s very satisfying to see someone else make a yummy-looking cake in a 3 minute video! Not that I bake these day, but I would love to do it some day. So I binge watch all sorts of recipe videos shared on the Facebook wall. It helps me relax a lot. I also try to reach out to women of many groups who are looking out for information i can share. It is seriously satisfying. Plus there’s a lot of information out there which helps me grow my knowledge. So it’s a two-way gain.

More than that, i have about 15 WhatsApp groups that keep buzzing day in and day out. Though i keep them switched off when I have tight schedules I find them the most soothing to my mind. I have cousins, school friends, college friends, girl groups, family groups, ex-colleague groups and some more women groups that keep my WhatsApp buzzing all through the day and even at night. 

For me every group helps me in one way or the other. I have people who know me since I started schooling. I have family members available anytime. I have ex-colleagues ready to help and share interesting information anytime of the day. I connect​ with people from all parts of the world almost every day. Instead of watching TV I spend the time on reading the missed messages and respond. There are people reaching out to me for ideas on freelancing, writing and blogging. Though i am not a pro in any of these, i share me experience with them. 

The most soothing group has been our school group! Here I connect with my school friends. Omg it’s the best thing that has happened on WhatsApp! We fight, we tease, we sooth, we share information and crack jokes with no apprehensions. That’s one group where I can find someone to talk to any time during the day and find some solution or at least feel relaxed. It’s been 24 years since we left school (those days we had only till 10th in schools) but we can still strike a conversation in that same level childishly without having to bother how the other would feel. There’s no scope for such issues there! We meet up once in a while whenever possible. Though most of us are meeting each other after a gap of 20+ years, this group has deleted those years of gap astonishingly. 

Love you WhatsApp for always bringing a smile just when I miss it. Love you my dear friends for being there always. 

So if you are stressed out, ping an old friend and chat up for a while. The older your friendship, the better you will feel! 


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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2 comments on “No matter what you do, You have to do this!
  1. writenlive says:

    … as we grow older.


  2. writenlive says:

    Ah yes! The older the friendship, the more natural we are apt to be in our communication. For we tend to layer up our feelings with more ‘acceptable behavior


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