The Restarter’s Maladies and How to overcome them!


Are you a woman who has taken a career break to take care of family or personal matters? Did you leave your job for higher studies or due to relocation? Are you trying to get back to work? If you are, find out how you can help yourself restart your career.

Taking a career break and getting back to work can be extremely strenuous physically and emotionally. Women face this situation quite often, especially in the Indian subcontinent where they form the base of a sound family. There’s no arguing that women find themselves in an emotionally tiring situation when they have to choose between their family and career owing to various circumstances. More than often, working women tend to take a break for their children or family more than the men in the same family. It is very rare to find men compromising on their career to manage the family affairs. Even if they do, they are not treated fairly by the family and the society which discourage them from taking such career decisions. Indian societies expect the women to compromise on their career to take care of the family and it falls upon their career aspirations heavily. How do we women combat this situation? Discover that with JobsForHer!

Career Compromise

Indian Women, till recently, have compromised a lot on their career over the family matters to make sure they are able to meet the expectations of their loved ones. Even if they try to venture back into their desired career, there are many difficult hurdles that they have to cross because of the career break. The very first issue that everyone faces is to find an acceptable answer to the career break. Now that more women are holding decision-making posts in many companies, they definitely understand the pressure under which these talented women decide to compromise their career over their family. But even then, the next hurdle comes by way of company policies that are not as friendly towards candidates who have taken a career break. They are considered for junior posts even when they are as qualified and experienced to hold a senior post in the organization. This further demoralizes these brilliant women who are forced to compromise either on the job position or to take up some other line of work they are not as comfortable with.

How can JobsForHer help? brings in a great platform where they try to help these super-talented women find the perfect job match through their venture. They bring in a network of talented women restarters who are either looking for a job or willing to volunteer for the cause along with a network of organizations who are willing to provide an opportunity to these women. approaches top-notch organizations in different parts of India to make them understand the rich resource bank they have of talented and experienced women who are all set to restart their career. These companies register their resource requirements over the platform provided by which is made available to the entire network of resources registered with them as job seekers or ambassadors. takes the effort to educate the necessity of getting back to work by conducting ambassador meets and various events across the various cities in India. They also provide important information about the various career events and vacancies added to their network periodically that informs the women seeking such opportunities within the network. is a great platform providing a live and resourceful network of women restarters and volunteers who help each other to inspire and achieve their career goals once again, that too gracefully. It is a great platform for women to network with like-minded and capable women who can help each other grow professionally. Join this amazing network as a job aspirant, ambassador or a volunteer with!

What’s available in

Employers can register their firm and list the available opportunities with them they are willing to offer the women restarters. The women restarters can gracefully seek the opportunities matching their skills and conditions among the listed organizations. The requirement list is growing fast just as the ambassador network is. Full-time, Part-time, Work from Home, Restarter Internships, and Freelancing opportunities are available with various organizations registered on the website. They are coming out with learning programs to help these women bridge the gaps in technology too based on the requirements.

How can you be a part of

Register as a restarter job seeker to search for jobs that match your skills. Register as an ambassador to showcase your story to inspire more women to get back to a career with poise. Register as an Employer to leverage from the amazing resource pool of qualified and experienced women who can add value to your organization.

What are the takeaways at

Whether you are a returning techie or a non-techie trying to crack your way back into the job market, JobsForHer can guide you through the process helping you cross most of the hurdles. The team definitely strives to help every Ambassador by reaching out personally and helping them restart their career.

1. You can be a part of an immensely growing network of amazingly talented women restarters. Everyone has a different story, but they all sail in the same boat – Career Restart!

2. New Job Opportunities listed in the group and site almost on an everyday basis.

3. Motivating Mentors who can help you reach your goal successfully

4. Online and offline interactive sessions with industry experts by way of Roadshows, Mentor Meets, Ambassador Meets, Webinars, Job Events etc. Listen to more women achievers to inspire yourself.

5. Insights into how you can successfully restart your career by HRs, fellow Ambassadors, Mentors and Career consultants.

6. Tips on resume writing, preparing and facing interviews, skill development and more shared frequently

7. Get an opportunity for internship at prestigious companies

8. JobsForHer partners with big companies such as Accenture, Novartis, Microsoft, Star India etc. to provide job opportunities for the registered Women Restarts

Believe me, just being a part of this group is amazingly inspiring and boosts your confidence immensely.

So what are you waiting for? Join this inspiring group of Women Changemakers to get back to work at the earliest.

I am all praise for the JobsForHer team because I have been an Ambassador since October 2016 and have seen it work wonders for so many of them. The group has many like-minded women who are always willing to help one another in whichever way possible.


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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