How to sit home and earn 50k per month easily?

I do not intend to mislead you with some easy-money-making gig. So if you are here because of the title, you may skip reading! But if you have been fooled enough by such gigs and wonder how people could even think it is possible to just sit home and make 50k when you work so hard, read on:


I don’t want to deny the fact that there are people who do that, earn a handsome pay every month without much effort. But I can guarantee that those very same people would have struggled for years and even decades before they found that magic potion. And that magic potion is definitely nothing other than smart efforts. So what makes this smart effort? Where, how and when can you learn it? Well, you have to drop the L and Earn it!

I can tell you this for sure because I have been working hard and know many such people who have been working hard too before they were able to sit back and relax to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. But the definitions have changed. People’s attitudes have changed and people who work hard these days will probably remain working hard. Now everything’s turning smart. You have smartphones, smart TVs and smart watches. This generation has probably been the smartest so far and never heard the word – hard-work. That’s because one need to adapt to the changing situations and one way to do that is to adopt smart-working rather than hard-work.

Follow the leaders?

So how do you work smartly and yet be able to reap the fruits of hard-work? Be aware of what’s happening around you; be aware of how people are succeeding. Do not blindly follow them, but do follow how they achieved and became successful. I can bet there will be many sleepless nights and many more failed ventures in their past. They all ride past these failures with double the efforts and determination and taste the success. While most of them want to let others understand that it is quite possible to succeed, what they rarely glorify are the efforts and failures that have helped them emerge successfully.

Dr A P J Kalam once said: “If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved.” Just as iron has to go through immense heat and beating to get strong, successful people also go through very hard times and beatings that make them strong. People fail too! The difference between those who succeed and fail is the determination and positivity the successful ones hold on to. I can bet you even those immensely successful fail after they taste the success. But then, if they manage to emerge successfully again, they are the true warriors. They have done it all and experienced it all!

Smart work, not Hard work pays!

So coming back to the point of working smart – how essentially do you work smartly? This is the billion dollar question to be answered! That’s something to be understood by following the paths taken by the successful ones. More than comprehending how they succeeded, what we need to know are the hurdles they had to cross and how they managed to cross them. That’s the key to preparing your own journey to success. That definitely does not mean that your journey will be a cakewalk. If you manage it, you have worked smart!

Be Passionate & Professional

Another important aspect to consider is your passion. I am a content writer and I have learned how to turn my passion into my profession. I work from home and am able to earn a decent pay every month because I work passionately. Most of the people looking to work from home get into writing thinking they can easily make money by simply writing about things! This has become a huge threat to the more serious WFH freelancers. These newbies realise the challenges involved only when the client starts rejecting their work one after the other. It not only reduces their confidence but also the confidence of employers who are willing to offer flexible jobs. I guess many employers who are reading me would agree that they got a raw deal trying to help out someone with a flexible job which made them refute their decision.

Don’t just give it a try!

I have heard many people say ‘Let me give it a try if it pays well!’ Unless you are focused, you will get nowhere! So there’s no point giving it a try just for the sake of pay. I agree that pay definitely is one of the major aspects that inspire people to try jobs. But if you cannot relate yourself to doing something in any way, reconsider spending your time and effort on it! If you are determined that you can give it a serious try and not on a casual mind, don’t bother about what others say.

Your takeaways from this article are:

  1. There’s no shortcut to success. If someone tries to sell you one, beware!
  2. Whether you sit home or work from the office, rule no. 1 applies! In fact, if you plan to sit home and be successful, you may find this article useful!
  3. Even if you find success, working from home, be ready to face a failure as freelancing can be extremely challenging! This article will give you some insights into freelancing.
  4. Find passion in whatever you do. Or else, do something you are passionate about. If you can’t, you may not succeed.
  5. Money is not everything! Consider what you compromise against what you earn and decide the best.

As Nicolas Cole, one of the Top 25 Market Influencers listed in Forbes once tweeted “Every up has its down. Every win has its loss. Every step has its moment of contemplation. Enjoy it all.” Yes, while holding on to these lines, never let anyone fool you with such gigs as sitting home and earning 50k per month easily! That’s only a fad.

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I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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4 comments on “How to sit home and earn 50k per month easily?
  1. Deepiks says:

    i wanted to do work for home


  2. UMA says:

    Very well written Geethu. Enjoyed reading it. You have very aptly surmised today’s world.
    All the best in your future endeavors.


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