Reality Checks for those looking to Work From Home!


When someone tells you they are working from home, the first picture that comes to your mind is a relaxed person, own boss, no travel, no need to take leave, no need to worry about deadlines, no tension, a lot of money, just need to work during spare time , can go out shopping anytime blah blah blah..

I am a Work From Home mum too. You want to know how my day goes?  Click here for that story! And I have been doing this for years now!

It sounds like the grass is always greener the other side. That’s what happens with Work From Home jobs too. People have many misconceptions and that’s just their ignorance. So if you have planned to take up only WFH jobs based on such myths, here’s some insight into what WFH is all about!

Here are some tips to those trying to crack the Work From Home jobs:

  1. It is not a cakewalk. You will be on double duty. The family will expect you to adjust your work since you are at home, and the client will want cheaper work done since you work from home! That’s the only reason I shared my routine. Men easily get away with this. Women end up feeling guilty of having to order food from outside or cooking up something in a jiffy!
  2. Getting such jobs are not as easy. But if you persistently try in the right fields, you will get them. Research a lot on what jobs are more offered for WFH and work your way around them.
  3. When you are looking to start working from home, don’t expect a pay on par with the office jobs. Till you get established take less-paid offers. Once you are established, which might take a few months to a year, you can demand your pay.
  4. You may not get many benefits like leave, bonus etc when you are freelancing! It’s like building up your personal brand rather than working. Remember, you are your own boss!!!
  5. When companies approach you for work, please make it clear that you will work from home only. I do visit the office once in a while when the client requests. But that’s something I can accept. If you are not comfortable with it, please make it very clear before you start.
  6. Whether you work from home or office, the effort you need to put to convince the client or your employer will remain the same. As I said earlier, it’s no easy job!!!
  7. You have to polish some marketing skills to remain in business. Since I have some experience (around 8 years!) of managing a retail store, I use it to help myself get my clients!!!
  8. Keep applying as freelancing cannot be taken for granted. Even when I have a handful of clients, I keep looking out for some really good offers which I wouldn’t want to miss. I do this by spending more time working or I concentrate on working more efficiently in less time with my existing assignments.
  9. Never miss your Deadlines. Though there have been times when I was working on 5 to 6 projects every week, till date, there have been very rare incidents when I have missed my deadlines (unless I fall sick).
  10. Communicate with your clients. If you are doubtful of meeting your deadline or with the work, don’t hesitate to communicate the same to your client at the earliest. This way, they can make alternate arrangements for the week’s submissions.
  11. Don’t ever think that you are the ultimate. You need to be confident to get into freelancing. But never go overboard and think that you are the only person capable of doing what you do. There’s way too much competition in this field and the company can very well hire someone in-house to do the job. So keeping these in mind, make sure that you always deliver the best.
  12. Network extensively if you want to stay in the business for long. That’s why I don’t switch myself off my Facebook and WhatsApp groups even when I am busy. They keep me going sane which a joke in between and some interesting information to think of.
  13. Concentrate on one option to work from home at least when you start. Once you establish in one, continue with it and also try something else, if you feel like. For example, SEO, Content Marketing and SMM go hand in hand with Content Writing. Since they are related, you can try them all, but one by one.
  14. Use Technology to seek opportunities and to work on them. Be tech-savvy as there are many websites, social media networks, WhatsApp groups and mobile apps that help you make the most of the technology to get WFH jobs. I use them a lot to get opportunities and to work on my articles too.

If you want to succeed in freelancing and working from home on a long-term basis, you need to have a professional approach. It’s true that you are your own boss. But it is also true that if you lose your client, you are only responsible for it! This is one issue I have found with many people I have worked closely with. People want to start doing something at the earliest. But they don’t have the patience or drive to consistently deliver and stay professional.

I have shared the important issues faced by freelancers earlier in one of my blogs. While working from home, your approach needs to be that of a freelancer, unless you decide to work exclusively for only one employer. In that case, if you have a written contract and notice period, well and fine! But that’s something rare to get from my experience.

In fact, I would suggest, till you get adjusted to the WFH routine, managing work and home consistently, take up one or two assignments for a week. This makes sure that your routine does not get disturbed and you can slowly shift your focus from home to working from home. Once you feel comfortable, challenge yourself and take up more work.

Though Work From Home jobs seem like a tough nut to crack, it is definitely possible with consistent effort and quality deliverables. Just keep trying till you crack the nut.



I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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5 comments on “Reality Checks for those looking to Work From Home!
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  2. Deepa Seethalakshmy says:

    Wonderful explanation about the work from home myths. You have narrated it beautifully and logically. You deserve appreciation. Really good work. Keep going. Good wishes. If my dad were there, he would be very happy.


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