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I have always wondered what the kids do at home when both the parents are away working. Especially, when they are left alone! I somehow just cannot fathom the thought of leaving my 11-year-old alone at home for more than an hour. That’s why I chose to become a SAHM. Though I always had my mom staying with me, I never wanted to tie her at home with my son’s responsibility. She enjoys every moment spent with him even now, but she loves to travel and is away from home most of the days! In fact, it’s their relationship that I wanted to discuss in this article. When we were young, most of us had the opportunity to interact with the older generation. Most of us had our grandparents staying with us or we would visit them regularly. They have shared so many stories with us. Some we will remember forever! They would pamper us more than our parents. They would teach us some valuable morals and skills. They would play with us and even let us win! I have so many such memories of my grandparents. Being born in a large family, i was fortunate enough to have many grandparents visiting us or we visiting them often. I remember clearly each one sharing a different story about the family members.

My son gets to spend his time with his grandmother most of the days and he makes sure he makes the most of the situation ๐Ÿ˜ He shares his school matters with her and gets her to do whatever he wants, he knows that i won’t give in so easily. She is his saviour 99% of the time. He also gets to meet his paternal grandmother quite often and both grandparent’s siblings too.

But most of his friends rarely get this opportunity. I feel bad for those kids who are not fortunate enough to enjoy this elderly love showered by the grandparents. It’s shocking to know that some parents hate this special relationship their kids share with the grandparents!

At a time we are running out of morals and values, at a time when parents are unable to spend quality time with their children, such amazing grandparents can be their guide. They can influence these kids and guide them with the right moral values. They can help the children overcome the tough times positively. They have more experience in life than us and can influence the children far better than the parents. Some even say that grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond because enemy’s enemy is a friend ๐Ÿ˜‚.

I was more blessed than my child is because we stayed with my paternal grandparents and would visit my maternal grandparents during the vacations. I have many nostalgic memories of stories they have shared with me. I hope the children of these times also get to spend more times with the elderly members of the family.

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