Jobs cannot be Home-delivered!

Much has been said about the highly competitive job-market. It is growing steadily, providing opportunities for the really abled and educated. When you have one job available against 100 abled heads, competition gets higher. So if you are looking for a job, you have to go out and get it. 
You have to think of yourself as the product. Your skills are your products’ features. You have to find a consumer unless you are a rare and in-demand commodity. (Sorry, but it works this way better!) 

A laid back approach is fine as long are you are not that keen to get a job. Find ways to reach out to the right recruiters. Remember, the recruiter is the right person to get you a job. References can only help you reach them faster or to get yourself noticed among a bunch of hundred others who have applied! 

So how can you help yourself? That’s the million dollar question 😊. Actually, very few realise that you have to help yourself and not expect others to door-deliver the right job. There are many beautiful souls out there trying to lend a hand and reach out to those looking for the right opportunities. They can also help you with some great pointers only. Jobs are not yet door-delivered! At the rate in which our population is growing and the talented ones are upskilling themselves, I don’t expect it to happen anywhere in the near future too! 

So we come back to the question, How to land a job?

It’s quite easy if you are looking for some job only. There are many opportunities available around you. All you need to do is network, get an updated resume and maybe get registered with a few career consultants. If you are not too specific about a career and just want a job, it is that simple!

Now comes the difficult part – how to land a great Career? Now that’s going to be a little tough. Let’s make a checklist:

  1. What do you aspire to be? 
  2. Are you qualified for that? 
  3. If No, can you upskill?
  4. If Yes, Do you have a updated Resume?, If no, get one done!
  5. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If no, get the complete.profile done.
  6. Are your networking extensively? With the right people, to be precise?
  7. Are you registered with career consultants?
  8. Are you registered with online job-sites, With an updated profile? 
  9. Are you applying for jobs that suits your profile?
  10. Are you upskilling according to the industry demands?
  11. Are you attending interviews as per the schedules?
  12. Are you attending job fairs and events around you?

Too many questions? Too less I would say! Now one more question, how does it help?
Unless you know what you want to be, you are not focused. Without focus, you cannot succeed in a Career. If you are not qualified for the career you aspire, it is less likely that recruiters consider you, unless you are able to prove that you are better than the qualified ones. That’s a big risk one need to think over!  

Even if you are qualified, are you skilled enough to perform the tasks? When your competitors have them, don’t you think they stand a better chance? So upskilling according to the industry demands is a must. 

Updated resume, LinkedIn profile, online profile in job sites are all important as recruiters can find you online if you have your skills and experiences updated. This is crucial these days as most of the recruitment process happens online.

Now on applying only to relevant jobs. Would you purchase something if you are not looking for it? What if someone stashes those products repeatedly? You will ignore or block such people right? Even the recruiters may do that with your profile! So please apply for a job only if it is relevant to your skills and experiences.

Attending interviews is very important. Nobody will give you a job without attending an interview. So if you are scared of facing interviews, you have to help yourself get over that fear. The only way you can do that is by preparing well and attending more interviews. You can take it as a challenge. You can learn from every interview and get over the fear by preparing better for the next one each time. 

Networking is very important too. You meet people and learn a lot, about the industry as well as the challenges and opportunities​. Go out and attend the job events around you. It helps meet more like-minded people (your competitors 😊) and know your market position too! 

      When you are a restarter, all these apply along with another challenge – your career gap! Yes, many companies or managers still cannot look beyond the career gap! But that’s not your problem as long as you satisfy the above checklist! The requirements​ remain the same, the expectations are similar – they need a star performer. If you are skilled, just keep looking for the right companies that open their doors to retsarters. In fact, this is the right time for women restarters with sisterhoods like JobsForHer and Sheroes going all out to help them land a job. Just have patience and keep trying. There are many women who have successfully landed a job through them. Many companies realise the value of women power and run diversity drives to open their doors to the talented women who, they know, will add great value to their performance and work culture.

      All said and done, no one really Home-delivers a job. You have to help yourself by letting go of your apprehensions and doubts. You have to help yourself to showcase your skills and experiences and market yourself. Remember, time and tide waits for none! So never let go of the opportunities to network and polish your skills. 

      You are your best saviour. Save yourself from despair and find yourself the right job. 


      I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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