Pain & Smile

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The tougher times are the ones you never forget

The times when you cringe out of pain, mental or physical,

The times when nothing seems to go right

The times when the whole world seems to fight!

Those are the times that stay fresh in your mind

No matter how far you have come across

Leaving those painful days; Months or years?

Even a moment of pain is unforgettable, for those who rarely get to taste them!

For those who live in pain forever,

It becomes THE way of life, rather than a moment to pass by.

Pain is, alas, so relative; it is a close one for many!

Who refuse to stay away, and cling on

No matter how good or bad you become!

Time heals, they say, but do they really?

Cause time reminds you of those painful days

The pain remains fresh in the memories

Bringing a tear to your mind and the eyes

It’s only those painful memories that stay fresh

And never the gratitude or the happiness that stayed before and after!

Sometimes I wonder is this to stay longer?

How far or forever?

The moment I feel it may stay back forever

I bring back my smile, as I need it to start my fight!

You cannot share your pain is what they say

But you can, your smile!

I’d rather spread the smile, than the pain

And keep it my secret never to reveal

One day it will get bored, with no one to share

And kill itself in the ocean of smiles!

No more will I have to strain

To bring that smile once more to my face!

But the pain will not end there for sure

As it will stay back in my memories, reminding me

Holding me back from a full smile, fearing,

Will it revive from the same ocean of smile?

Pain can be very painful as the smile can be too!

And pain brings out the better of you, some say

Smile is definitely the better of you,

That you bring out to hide your pain!

It is indeed a vicious friendship, between pain and the smile.

One outshines the other, and brings out the best of the other!

When you are in pain, you tend to smile a lot, to hide it

When you are out of it, you smile, yet you fear the pain

The smile that outshines the fear and pain is heavenly

It’s the smile, Buddha’s smile.

It’s a smile of content, there’s nothing to fear

Done it all, experienced it all!

It is the calm, peace of mind!

The smile that overshadows everything,

Like a child’s innocence or the Buddha’s peace!

That’s the one that never brings you pain

But that’s the most difficult one to attain.

Keep smiling no matter what you feel

Smile is contagious, people say.

It’s better to spread a smile than the pain

The world has enough reasons to worry anyway!


(Something I actually wrote sometime in July!)


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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2 comments on “Pain & Smile
  1. Vinu says:

    Nice one…..👍👍👍


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