How can a Smartphone help your Job Hunt?

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Strange enough, many people think that smartphones are only for the affluent ones who are well-settled with a career or business! But have you ever thought how helpful it will be for a job aspirant if he/she has a smartphone? Or at least a phone that lets you connect to the Internet for accessing your emails.

Of course, affordability is a prime factor that comes up when it comes to buying a smartphone! But then, smartphones come in lower variants too, with some basic options for browsing, email, a few apps, and networking. These are essential for all job seekers and let me assure you, if used diligently, they can even land you a great career.

The Cost Factor

Yes, I fully agree that a smartphone will be a luxury for someone badly looking for a job. But then, how about buying a second-hand one? Or the bare minimum model which has some basic features to send and receive at least emails! They won’t cost you as much. I will tell you how you can benefit from a smartphone in landing a job.

Receive & Send Mails

What if you don’t have a system to check your emails and your prospective employer has emailed that you have to attend the interview 2 days from now? Is there any way that you will know it? No, right! So if you can access your emails on your smartphone, and check them at least once every day, you will be updated on the interview on time. Otherwise, you will miss it and miss many great opportunities too.

Have a LinkedIn profile

This is a must when you are seriously into job-hunting. Most of the recruiters check the LinkedIn profiles of job applicants to get a grip on their experience and attitude. Some even connect on LinkedIn before offering a job. Moreover, you can connect with a lot of professionals related to your field through LinkedIn and build a healthy network of contacts which will help your career at some point of time. Having a smartphone or a phone with internet will help you keep your LinkedIn profile updated.


Even though it has a very bad image among people, WhatsApp is being used as the most cost-effective and quickest way to network. Networking is an important part of a career, especially when you are trying to get a breakthrough. Many recruiters and career consultants use WhatsApp groups to communicate the latest opportunities in the easiest and fastest way.

Job-search Apps

If you can afford a phone that lets you download and install a couple of apps for job search, it can seriously help you maintain an updated profile and apply instantly for the opportunities that are posted regularly by companies. This way, you will make sure that you do not miss any opportunity that comes your way.

A mobile phone is a must when you are looking for a job since it lets your prospective employer connect with you instantly. Instead of using a basic phone, if you can use a phone which lets you at least access your emails, your career will definitely benefit. It is up to you to use the phone and data diligently based on how far you can really afford them.

A few apps that help in seeking good opportunities are Email, LinkedIn, Shine, Naukri, UpWork, Skype, and WhatsApp.



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