Passion and Profession are Different!

One can never be passionately professionally or professionally passionate! Passion and Profession are totally different things. You can love your profession but you can either be a thorough professional or quite passionate about what you do. That’s a strange truth!

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Being a Professional

Professionals deal indifferently no matter what happens. They mean business and personal matters never come in between professionalism. They know how to get things done, and being a professional, would go any extend getting it done. Professional ethics are good, those are things many people don’t ever bother to mind! Those who consider ethics and are professional, make sure that the work gets done just the way required, on time, in an ethical way.

Being Passionate

If you are passionate about what you do, you will mix up personal and work life in a miserable way! You will be working on something official if you are passionate about it, even during your personal time. You will dedicate yourself to go to any extent to get things done if you are passionate about things you do. Whether it gets completed or not, on time or not, wouldn’t matter at all, as you will be more driven towards making things perfect about what you are passionate about. You will be spending more time on the minute nuances of things that you passionately work on and those are things visible only to you!

What happens to a passionate worker is that he/she unnecessarily spends more time of making it perfect rather than completing it on time even with negligible issues. At work, no one bothers about the small nuances, as long as the bigger picture is perfect. At work, deadlines are to be met even if not as perfectly. At work, you’d rather be a professional than passionate.

Have you seen the painter adding strokes that remain invisible to the spectator’s eye? That’s being passionate about his work. But have you seen the manager ever checking on his reports during the meeting? No, right! He knows that once on the desk, there’s nothing he can do about it! So why unnecessarily waste energy on it? That’s being a professional.

Be passionate about hobbies! Be passionate towards life! And be a professional when it comes to work. That balances work-life!


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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