What you seek is what you get!

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Those who follow motivational thoughts and philosophy closely may definitely have heard of this famous law of attraction. It is so very true! I am a self-motivated person and a highly motivated one at that! 😀 So I rarely go through the motivational quotes and sites other than what my friends sent through Facebook and WhatsApp everyday. I sometimes feel even that’s an overdose for a person like me 😀 But anyhow I truly believe in this particular point that what you seek is what you ultimately get. It might take a while to happen but it is definitely what will happen.

For those who always think negative or the ‘Pessimists’ as the knowledgeable call this group, it is true for them too! They keep thinking negative and they will ultimately get negative only!!! I have personally experienced the positive side of this and at some rare times the negative side too. But that’s truly because I stopped trusting my positive side and indulged on the negative side to be frank.

Other than managing to read The Alchemist, I have never looked for self-motivation books. That too, I have to say, I read it so that I could recommend it to my husband to motivate him to read it 😀 So though I truly believed in this philosophy, I had no clue till recently that this was the core law of attraction and it was a HUGE thing among a large section of people around the world.

In fact, one of my clients wanted me to write on the Law Of Attraction and that’s precisely when I realized that unknowingly I was following the same thing. And even later only I realized that this same universal law is what is being discussed in the 9th chapter of Bhagavat-Gita (Chapter 9, Verse 34)!

Now for those who know me, this might come as a shocker as I stay away from all sort of religious customs, leave alone reading Gita! But then I wanted to know how come I always believed in this same principle and Googled it 😀 It lead me to the Law of Attraction, the book Secret (which I have not yet read!) and then Gita. Probably my name connected me to the principles or it was deep within from the mythological stories I have heard as a child!!!

Probably everything happens for a reason!!! Again, that’s something I truly believe in too.. though we tend to realize it much later only!

Until a month back, I had never thought about blogging as I was way too busy with seeking work and completing them. One fine morning my cousin pings me asking me to join this group of women restarters just to boost their confidence and I happily oblige. Within a couple of weeks my perspective  on many things changed and there I was spending more time interacting with those women some of whom seemed a little frustrated and confused. And then one thing led to the other and here I am typing in my 25th blog within a matter of a little more than a month! Might not be big deal for many but for me, this is a big deal!

This same belief has helped me get through the most difficult phases of my life, how much ever trivial it may seem to the others.

So how it connects to my topic is that of late I was wondering where I am going, completely immersed in work and I was wondering how I could be of some help to other people who badly need to know the opportunities available. I am struggling to manage the kind of work pouring in and was wondering how come people find it difficult to get a job! That’s exactly when I got a chance to interact with those women who were probably looking for someone who can give them a pep talk! I ended up getting what I was seeking. I missed giving inputs on education and there I got a client who wanted me to write on them. I wanted to explore more of the places around me and there I was virtually travelling all over Kerala through my travel blogs I wrote for a client!

Where I was looking to help out someone I got a lot of inputs that inspired me too in starting my blog. I was given a raw deal a couple of times when the editors cut my messages and published what they wanted to and here I got a chance to express what I actually wanted to!

Seek success and you get it. Instead if you fear of failure and you get that only! 

What you get is what you seek!!! 😀 Think positive, think good and it will come to you.. sooner or later..


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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One comment on “What you seek is what you get!
  1. […] myself an optimist. I always hope for the best and expect the worst to happen in future. The positivity of Hope keeps me going on and negative expectation keeps me cautious and prepared for anything that may go […]


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