English is a Language

Of Languages and Pride!

I have come across many people who have an inferiority complex because they can’t speak proper English. 

While in retail, many of my staff would run away when my convent-taught son would visit the shop. He loves talking and as instructed by his teachers he would talk in English. These boys would find it very difficult to follow or to reply and prefer to keep away from such kids. My son was too young back then and we made him to talk in Malayalam when in the shop later on.

I always tell them that there are two ways to handle – either you learn the language or converse in your language! 
But hold on, English is a foreign language for the Indians!!! Why do we have to take it so seriously learning this language when most of us cannot read or speak our native language. 

I feel that learning the local language is more important for survival than a foreign language. While I say that, I do understand that English is our official language, and helps us easily communicate with foreign people officially and while we travel. In fact, it is because of this language many IT people survive! 

But then, have you ever thought beyond that? This language came into this country because of the British. Earlier, we had a beautiful language called Sanskrit which has almost gone extinct now. 

I don’t find anyone feeling insecure because they don’t understand Sanskrit or our National language Hindi or even their mother tongue!!! Don’t you think we must consider that seriously too? 

Just imagine when people from other countries do not give as importance to learning English why do we consider it as a pride? Why do we despise people who are not as good speaking or following English? 

So next time you feel sorry for a person who cannot speak proper English, please don’t! It’s more important that we learn our local and national languages before we master English. 

Learning a language apparently boosts our brain function. But insisting on a foreign language while despising the local and national languages is not as cool. 

The first thing we taught our son was to learn the Malayalam and Tamil we speak at home to converse. Then he learned Hindi because he found me and my husband talking in Hindi and could not follow it. Then, once he was in school only he started learning English. Now he is learning French too. That’s more because his school does not teach Sanskrit! 

English is important to survive in a competitive world. But remember there are many countries, even in America, where they don’t speak English! 

Respect every language, particularly our native language and national language. They have a greater cultural value than many other languages.


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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