What’s Right and What’s Wrong?!!


I am constantly criticized for being arrogant or rude when I express my opinions straightforwardly on many things. I accept it wholeheartedly. But wait, who are you to tell me whether I am Right or Wrong? I do things I find are Right for me at that moment! Do you have any clue what made me decide on deciding my Right? No right? So just cool 😀

I know many people find themselves in difficult situations deciding on what’s right and what’s wrong. They take opinions. It is the best way to know more about the problem and its possible solutions. But then totally depending on others always for a decision can put you in Big Trouble at some point of your life, if not now. Learn to take decisions, not for others, but for yourselves.

Yes you need to be strong and stern to take decisions and stand by them even if they falter. But you will do it after thinking of the possible implications. And remember, you are the only person who knows your situation 100%. So you are the best person to judge what’s right and wrong for you.

To jump into a pond when stung by bees will be alright if you have the courage and can swim. But if you can’t swim and decided to jump because that’s what the others said, you will drown!

Do not be afraid of Failure! What matters more is to try rather than to win or to lose! 

Start by taking smaller decisions like what to wear for a party or which route to take to reach a place. Step by step, take bigger decisions such as what to cook next day (Yeah, I find that quite challenging!) and where to go on holidays. Again, be prepared to fail but never bother about what others say. Just make sure that you take informed decisions. Know what you are getting into, stay prepared and go for it.

A great way to learn decision making is by playing Chess or Monopoly. It is a great way to practice decision making without any casualty! 😀

You right can be wrong for another person and their right may seem wrong to you. It might look too broad or even a blunder at times. As long as you are not hurting anyone else, the decision is fine. As long as your Right does not affect another person, you can stand up and be proud.

Haven’t you heard, decision making is one of the most important skills a leader / manager should have. So lead yourself to succeed in deciding what’s right and what’s wrong!

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I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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