Anxiety, Trust,Today and Tomorrow

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People are always anxious about their future. That’s something we all look forward to and since it is unknown and impending, it is quite natural to get anxious about what’s coming up! But then, does being anxious make things any better? I guess NEVER! In fact, it only makes your NOW even worse.

And then, what if you are able to know your future? Is that a future anymore? I really feel strange when people go around seeking their future to palmists and astrologers in my vicinity. They say they trust them as God’s messengers. Trust and God seem to be separate now!

People tend to shut their ears, and thoughts, when I say I Trust and hence, I don’t seek. So what do I Trust? I Trust my creator. You may call him God, Almighty or anything else.. For me Trust is Ultimate and hence I am quite happy with the way things go. I believe things happen as they are destined to or just as they happen! By trying to know them in advance, you are mistrusting your creator, if you believe in one! And what happens because of that? You lose trust in everything else around you and start trusting only on what the person says. You lose your TODAY for an impending tomorrow which is no guarantee will happen the way you expect it to!

What happens if you Trust instead? You know there’s a reason for everything that’s happening in your life. You have learnt a lot from your past and apply the lessons for your Today. You are not bothered much about your Future as you Trust your creator to make it as beautiful or deserving and work towards making its entry smooth. You are more prepared for the Future even though you are not Anxious about it.

People have different opinions and experiences and I am sharing mine! Because I do not bother to know about my Tomorrow, I have a more peaceful Today. I don’t indulge much in my Past too since it is all gone and will never come back. But then, I remember my lessons and keep them handy for a better Today and Tomorrow.

I do not fear my Tomorrow and hence do not spoil my Today. I am not as careless though! It my Trust that makes me live my Today and takes away Tomorrow’s fear. It’s my knowledge or lessons that make me prepare for a better Tomorrow instead of wasting my Today worrying about something I have no hold on! I believe that what is destined for me will be mine whether it is good or bad.

I believe all religions and books teach the same. But somehow we miss this fact and are more driven by our anxiety. Stay Positive and Live Today!


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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