People Networking can take you a long way!

Have you ever wondered how come the successful people have so many contacts? The fact is that these contacts only make them successful. Networking with the right people can take you places in work as well as in life. If you are a shy person and want to be successful, please never shy away from meeting new people and maintaining a healthy network. As with anything else, it’s the quality of contacts and how well you connect with them that matters more than having a large number of useless contacts.


So how do we go about widening the people network?

The basic idea is to go about finding more people who can provide you more information on what you seek. These are the people who can help you improve your knowledge and also the chances of landing a great career. This does not mean that you have to concentrate only on connecting to the HR heads of different organizations! They cannot do much beyond referring your CV for an interview.

The idea is to connect to experienced people in your field who are willing to share your experiences. Use them to your advantage in building a better knowledge base and ask them for more connects who can help you further. It may not work out always, but then, you can definitely give it a try.

  • You need to be proactive in connecting with quality people.
  • Take the first step and reach out to people you think might be helpful for you.
  • Use the social media networks, particularly the professional networks to build quality connections.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to go out and meet more people in person.
  • Attend networking events happening around you.
  • Check with your friends, and ask them to refer you to good contacts that can be of help. Help does not mean a job in any way.
  • Always remember that your connections can help you connect with more quality people rather than get you a job!
  • You need to forego your personal agenda while widening your network. Stay focused on your career and build a healthy network professionally!
  • Every person brings with them their own experiences and knowledge. So do not ignore any opportunity to connect with a new person, particularly when recommended. You may take more time to understand the worth of the person.
  • Keep your contacts updated on how your relations with the referrals are ongoing.
  • Don’t always depend on technology to connect. Meet people in person and establish a healthy relationship. This gives you a better opportunity to learn and to maintain the connection.
  • Do not fake your personality. It will not help you beyond a point. You don’t have to blunt about yourself too. Maintain a neutral relation until you are close enough to open up.
  • Be willing to give out more than you take in. This way, you can assimilate more from your connections.
  • Read a lot, this helps you widen your horizon of knowledge which will let you connect with a group of people with diversified interests.

How does it help your career?

Interacting with more people definitely widens your thought process. You get to know more about their ideas. You get new ideas. It influences your thinking process. But your ultimate aim is to progress in your career! Networking definitely helps you in a better career. As you interact with more people, try to create a smart network of people who can help you in your career. Never discuss your personal life with them! Once you establish a healthy relation, you can probably drop in a word that you are looking for a job or career change. Never expect them to help you out or force it on them emotionally. If you have maintained some genuine connections, they will surely help you out reaching out to the right people who can be of help in your career.

Even though you need to be focused on your career, never let your connections feel that you are actually using them for your progression.

A wide network of quality connections will ultimately help you with a great career if you seek that. Just make sure that you do not entirely depend on them only for the progression. Just use them as a medium to connect to the right contacts.

Your confidence, attitude, skills and experiences are what ultimately matters in reaching your career goal. People networking can definitely make that path a little less bumpy.


I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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