Chronicles of a Homemaker!

Everyday begins and end with the same question! What’s cooking? Sometimes its frustrating, but sometimes its exciting too. I guess every homemaker will go through this phase at some point of time. As for me, its a challenge every day!!!

I live with my mom, husband and kid. That does make life much easier I admit. Comparing me, my husband and son are non-fussy eaters. I have been very fussy and I always got what I wanted to eat as a child.

My son is a foodie, and I thank God he is! I have seen kids so fussy that they refuse to eat any kind of food other than junk food. Here, its just been the opposite from day one. Tasty food is what my son can eat given any time of the day. But he’s developed some rather healthy habits too, not to keep munching on snacks while at home. He is not a huge fan of fried food too, though we all indulge on sweets! He eats his food on time and yearns it to taste different and tasty every time. That’s basically what we all do, right?

Every day begins with the question “What’s for breakfast today?”. Then comes the inevitable, “Whats for lunch then?” and then for a while we can relax. By 6 pm comes the next question, “Amma, what’s for dinner tonight?”. Sometimes we feel like our entire life revolves around these 3 questions!!!

Living with my mom has a lot of advantages, and also puts me in some grave situations in this respect!!! She manages the kitchen most of time, which helps me concentrate on what I prefer doing. She knows how lazy I am and how picky I was with my food, and that’s like a sword, ready to drop on my head anytime! The moment I scold my son trying to be picky, she threatens to drop the sword. No wonder people say enemy’s enemy is a friend!!! My mother finds her best weapon against me in my son 😀

So we come back to the question – What’s for breakfast!

Breakfast was not a practice back home for me. At my home, we had a brunch. By 9 am, lunch would be ready and we would eat that and start the day. This changed when I started working, since I had to start from home by 6:30 or latest by 7 am every day. Too early for a breakfast as I loved to sleep till 6!!! So I would have some cereal or Kanji with milk and push off. Since my office provided lunch, I would have it there.

Once married, the whole system changed. I would leave to office a little earlier during the weekdays. But during the weekends, I realized that they had a breakfast in the morning and lunch by afternoon. So I learned to make typical Kerala breakfast after marriage.

Now before we moved in with my mom, after my father passed away, there was one condition my mom kept! That I have to make the breakfast. I told you, she knows me better 🙂 ! And as I told earlier, I love my sleep more than anything else!!! That made things worse. By the time my son started going to school, my biggest challenge was to get up early enough to pack his breakfast and lunch! But I did and still continue to do…

And my foodie son would go to school everyday excited to open his lunchbox and flaunt what his mom and grandpa has made and packed for him. Every night his question would be “What’s for tomorrow, mom?” This has freaked me out many times and even now it does!!! But then, its challenging, to keep up to his expectations, at least to some extend.

Though my mom put the responsibility on me, she helps me make the best for her darling grandson. So that makes life easy. Then once, he leaves to school, we stare at each other wondering what to make for lunch! That’s one question which keeps bouncing between us every day!!!

None of us prefer rice, so we end up making rotis and sabji some days. But then, what do we make for dinner? Yup. Invariable, that question pops up as soon as we finish our lunch. But we keep it aside, till my son asks this while sipping on his evening tea!

“So whats for dinner?”, it pops up and me and my mom look at each other wondering what tonight. Dosa, Roti, Pasta, Puttu, Appam, Upma (in worst cases), Cornflakes (yes, sometimes we have it for dinner too!) and then we bounce back to Dosa, Roti …

What else do people make for dinner?!!! Though dinner should be had light, that’s the only time we are all home together and are quite hungry too! So whatever we make, has to be super-tasty and different! When we somehow come up with a different version and combination of one of these, that day ends peacefully. By the time we are done with the day,the question pops up again, “What’s for breakfast, Amma?” and me and my mom stare at each other and break into a laugh!




I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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3 comments on “Chronicles of a Homemaker!
  1. […] off to the school! I am no different. Add to that I am never planned. More than often, I decide the day’s menu just as I get up most of the days!!! So I always have to start from the scratch but manage to make […]


  2. Till I give Teju the dish name he won’t leave me..


  3. I know..the biggest confusion tat goes in our mind. I keep exploring in my fridge to find nothing tat I like to make finally end up in something. Then nandu wakes up n putsup her demands..then I hv to rework on what I already made.


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