Visualize to Achieve!

Have you ever walked aimlessly on the road? Dangerous, isn’t it? Working hard without a goal too is like walking aimlessly!

If you want a successful career, you need to visualize your goal. You need to see for yourself what you want to achieve. A hazy roadmap will get you somewhere only if you have your destination clear. But then, if you have your goal ready, you can easily make a clear roadmap which makes the journey easy.



How do you Visualize what you want to Achieve?

Even though I feel that the current generation is quite goal oriented, I have come across many young people who have no clue what they want to do. They are probably frustrated and just want to jump into any job they can get. While a job definitely makes sense, you must know what you are missing. Technically, it’s called Opportunity Cost. 

The best way to understand what you want to do and what you will gain or loss in the due course is to take down a pen and few papers and point out your ultimate goal. Create milestones that are reasonable to achieve. We are working top-down now.

Take separate papers or pages to note down each milestone. List out how you will achieve the milestone and how it will lead you to the next milestone. This is planning! By then end of it, you should know from where to start. If you plan to be in a corporate, you need proper education from reputed institutions! If you plan to be an entrepreneur, you need more experience and capital. So you can decide on whether to go for a job or for studies once your goal is set.

At every milestone, also note down what if you do not achieve the milestone! Point out what can be the possible distractions or blockages that will restrain you from achieving the same. Also, how you can overcome the distractions. That’s risk management.

It can be quite confusing initially, especially when you have a couple of options to consider. In such a case, you can follow the above-mentioned process for each goal and then compare the pros and cons.

By the end of this process, you will have a better idea about what you want to do in life and how you are going to get there.

I am a happy-go-lucky person! I don’t want to follow a path! 

Good for you if you prefer to go along with the flow. But then, you must be ready to take what life gives you at each stage. You must be strong enough to face the strong currents that blow against you.

What if things go wrong even with a well-planned roadmap?

It was not as well-planned!

So you keep aside what’s already achieved and re-plan the rest. You might have heard people advise to always have a Plan B. Well, that’s what we covered under the risks and still, if things go beyond your imagination, which is quite possible, you need to re-imagine things.

The point to note is that periodic re-evaluation of the plans and risks are essential to keep you going towards your goal. If you are focused, you will know where your plans can default much earlier and rework on it on time. This is an ongoing process!

Life is an Adventure, So I don’t want to plan!

Keep your guards always on. The moment you feel tired, you can always come back to the goal-setting process and get on the track!

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I am a teacher turned software developer turned full time mom turned entrepreneur turned writer! I have enjoyed all these avtars in my life to the fullest. I am on my journey to explore a lot more about writing! Follow me to read more of what I write..

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2 comments on “Visualize to Achieve!
  1. Loved the article. I fall in the category where nothing is planned. I go with the flow and so far with many ups and down here I am. My only aim was to be happy and see others happy. 🙂


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