All About Content Writing!

I am not a pro in content writing but can share what I have learned over the last 3 plus years I have been doing this as a freelancer. This is to all my friends who have been asking me

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Back to School Days!

A school reunion brings back so many nostalgic memories we all want to relive!

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Recommendations – Boon or Bane?!!

Why would people need recommendations? Leads, yes! But why recommend? 

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If you are looking for a job, forget these words!

I think anything will work for me, maybe! But it won’t! Anything, I think and Maybe may not be good choices of words to use.

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Work From Home – Are you ready for it?

Image Courtesy: The Background I have been trying to get some work that I could do from home since 2007. The idea was to keep myself engaged while I could take care of my son at home. A 9 to

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Let Go & Help yourself!

Let things happen. Let life unfold on its own. That’s the beauty. But we like drama, right? So we cling on to the past. Keep reminding ourselves that we must never forget. But we forget what’s happening now.

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7 definite ways to Untangle your mind

Whatever you do, make sure that you take some step to unplug and unwind yourself every day. It not only helps your mental health but also helps to stay away from allergies and infections.

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Charu meets her Grandma (and the Aliens)

Charu and David finds a strange-looking thing on the beach. Just as Charu takes a closer look at it, she disappears into a different world. She meets her Grandma there!

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